Your CD sounds AWESOME! I love the production, it suits the songs and your voice.” - Mark - Georgia Difference Artists: Heidi McKee (vocals and guitar) ,Tony Ford (instrumental), Jacqueline McKee, Robert McKee and Faith McKee (vocals) Serge Entertainment Group 00261-26687 Running Length: 40 minutes 12 Tracks Heidi McKee knows her way around inspirational lyrics, that” - Marie Asner

— Phantom Tollbooth

I got the CD's - I Love it! You are awesome.” - Maureen - Illinois
Your CD Rocks! I'm tellin' you, I was worshipping in my car all the way to work this morning! I know exactly what I'm going to do with these... a little mission work of my own.” - Rebecca - Arizona
I'm sooooooo proud of you for making a quite enjoyable CD. I liked everything about it. She shoots.... she scores!!!” - Wil - Georgia
I love your CD. My favorite keeps on changing. That's the mark of a great CD.” - Susan - Georgia