From the recording I've Got Gods Armor On (Light)

One of the things people really liked about "Difference" my cd release in 2009 was the family songs. I have parents email me and complain that even after a year everytime the kids get in the car they want to hear "Difference" the song and the family/kids songs. That is wonderful! Kids all over are learning they have a Great Big Spirit and can do all sorts of things for God.

So for "Light" we wanted to have some family songs as well. I love giving my children a chance to minister and yours. I wanted one this time that would imbed a scripture in their hearts, and give them some good armor to face the world daily. Well one of the best is Ephesians 6-10. One I use with my children all the time as well Luke 10:19. We decided to make this one for kids and adults to sing all together. Enjoy!