From the recording Lighthouse (Light)

There is a beautiful photograph by my door that I pass and really overlook daily. It is a lighthouse with violent waves crashing around. This day it caught my eye and the words beneath saying God is the anchor of my soul. We had been studying how we should be a light. I thought Jesus is that light that shines through that lighthouse. He is the one that can save people from the storm.

The song began to form. I never have time to sit and write. So in the midst of dishes, dinner, and kids home work I started to write my lyrics in my handy notebook.
It is my true desire to be a Lighthouse that shines out the light of Christ, and helps others find their way to safety out of the storm. I also pray this music and cd can help others have a comfortable means to share messages and be a Lighthouse as well.


Heidi McKee copyright 2009
Verse 1
Lord I meet a lot of people who need to know you.
I want to know the right words to say.
I want to be a reflection of you.
Let your light shine through me today
Let me be your lighthouse. Your voice calling through the storm.
Your lighthouse your hope reaching through the fog.
Shine, shine on and let me be your lighthouse
Verse 2
Lord I meet a lot of people trying find their way.
Overcome not knowing which was to go.
I know you hold the words to set them free.
Lord show them how to get home.

Bridge: You a beacon in the darkness the light of the world

Verse Mathew 5:14-16 John 9:5