From the recording Whose Like You Oh God (Light)

God truly inspired this song. I mean honestly, who is like him? His Word has been such a great way for me to really begin to know our "True and Living God" and all his wonders.


Who is like you Oh God? (Psalms 86: 8-10) (Isaiah 46:9)
Heidi McKee 2009
Vs 1
Your power is unrivaled.
You wonders are un-periled.
Your are the great creator.
Who whose like you oh God?
Chorus : Nowhere on heaven no where on earth. No where in the universe has their reigned such a glorious king. Such a Holy Holy Lamb.
Vs 2
Your love is all consuming.
You mercy is everflowing.
Your grace is our salvation.
Who whose is like you oh God.
Refrain You alone you alone are God. There is no other. You are the Living God there is no other.
V3 Your love is all consuming
Your mercy everflowing
Your grace is our salvation
Who oh whose is like you oh God?