When I Am With You 

The first line of my song "When Im With You" talks about how we wake in God's Grace.  It highlights how He has already won our battles.  I went to work and I was faced with obstacle after obstacle.   Then, I thought of my own song.  I think that is kind of funny.   I realized that he had already overcome everything I was facing.  I needed to see it through knowing and believing it was true.  Guess what.  It was true and it was amazing watching it all play out.  I am sure I will have to remind myself…

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My Path 

I live in the North Georgia Mountains and we have a few acres of wooded land.  This picture is the path I walk on everyday.  Well, a few times a day if my dogs have anything to do with it.  It is my time to break away and spend time appreciating God and talk to Him.  This is the path that sparked a few songs.  "Crazy Good" of my new Cd "Crazy Good."   I Stand Amazed of my Cd "Difference." (I stand amazed in the midst of Your colors everyday. Your wonders washing over me your the greatest artist there…

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New Listeners 

Since I published my Facebook Ad I have had new people get to enjoy my music.  This is an answered prayer to me to touch as many lives as possible.  I love hearing how people can not stop listening to the songs because I know God's Word is being shared.  People are being carried by music to that amazing place only God can bring us to.  This is an exciting time in music since song writers can touch people all over the world via iTunes, Amazon, Pandora etc.  I have the most wonderful feeling that this music…

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Stand Amazed 

It is fall here in Georgia.  The tree's are on fire with yellow, orange and red.  Today, coming home I could see the smoke coming off of the mountains and the beautiful fall trees.  It is my absolute favorite time of the year.  God is amazing and his artistry is everywhere.  I looked at the leaves and do you know they are all different.  I wrote a song on my CD "Difference" called "I Stand Amazed."  One of the lines:  "His wonders washing over me.  He is the greatest artist that will ever be."  On my new…

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The Music Plays 

I want to thank everyone for the support and spreading the music for Crazy Good!   My goal is to share these songs globally and people all over the world will experience the true wonder of a close relationship with God.   Dreams and visions can not become reality without support.  Please continue to share.  You can be part of this vision and you will be blessed.  

Getting it Done 

Well I'm finally getting things accomplished.  Today I got my music to upload to my music site and got my lyrics up.   I submitted 2 songs to Pandora.  They have to go through approval but I am pretty excited.

I was a little overwhelmed figuring everything out.  I decided to take it one task at a time.  I have been trying to do that in my overall life.  Instead of facing every activity at one time.  I take a breath and pick just one thing and I do that before I think of the next one.

Right now I am…

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Crazy Good Story 

It has been 3 years since my last cd. I wanted to write songs that showed the wonders of having an intimate relationship with the Lord. Songs that would change people lives as the music lead them to that amazing relationship. I wrote 13 songs and ended up throwing them all away. I know that’s pretty crazy. I could not write spirit filled songs when I was not as close to the Lord as I should be. I have spent the last 3 years getting to know God better everyday. It was not anything earth shattering. I simply…

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Crazy Good Release 

Today I am overflowing with excitement. Sept 12 I am releasing my 3rd CD "Crazy Good". This has been an amazing journey over the past few years buidling my relationship with the Lord so I could write these songs. There are so many steps to get this music to you. Right now I am getting everything set up for the Digital Release. Almost done and I am on track for Sept 12. I really think you are going to love it!