Welcome to Heidi McKee Music! You are in a wonderful place filled with songs of hope, life, peace and sheer joy. I pray that you will walk away with your Spirit soaring. God has a way of doing that through music. Please enjoy all of the music and sign the Guestbook. I would love to get to know you. Go to the music page and you can listen to my new cd "Crazy Good!"  

Come on a journey with me. A journey where you walk with your Creator, catch a glimpse of his wonders, and watch the Bible come to life. You can cross over and experience a blessed life that is "Crazy Good". Come on!

My journey: I didnt have to change my whole life to have a true relationship with God. I simply spent special time with God everyday. I talked to Him like I would my closest friend.   I told Him how I loved the color blue he made the sky that day.  I prayed he would be loved more today than yesterday. I delved into His Word for about 15 minutes a day. I have been amazed at the simplicity of having an amazing relationship with my Lord and Savior. The best part is he desires to have a close relationship with all of us.

I pray these songs lift you up and resonate in your soul and bring you peace, joy and strength. Who knows, God may have had me write one of these song especially for you. Yes, our Lord is Crazy Good! 


Heidi McKee

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