From the recording Prince of Peace (Light)

This song really came to me as I read my children the fairytales I grew up with as a child. I began to see an overarching theme with these stories and movies. It was a reoccuring theme that a person would come and rescue you and make your life great. Wow what a lot of pressure to put on a person, and what a true fairytale. I know in my life no person has even filled a role as a savior. People were not designed to be saviors they were designed to worship the Lord. There is only one Savior and that is the Prince of Peace. He will never let you down, and is the only real happy ending. He slays my dragons daily.
We still read and love fairytales we just do it with more perspective now.


Prince of Peace
Heidi McKee Copyright 2009
Isaiah 9:6 Isaiah 43:11 Mathew 24:30
Verse 1
I grew up hearing stories of princes that could save the day.
Those fairytales didn