My family had gone to visit my mom and dad in Florida. I was going to bed and realized I had forgotten my Bible. I like to read a bit before going to sleep every night. I started looking around the bedroom and on this anique nightstand tucked away in the bottom was an old black bible. The kind that zips up the leather was worn. I could tell it was somebodys from a while ago, and had been read alot. I unzipped it, and right in the cover was a taped poem hand written that just took my breath away. I read it over an over. Then of course as all of us crazy song writers do. I jump up and run about frantically looking for a pen and paper. I simply have to capture this. My Dad tells me this is my Great Grandmothers Bible. How cool is that. So I write down the poem which is really the basis for the chorus of the song.
We get home I have my chorus, and am trying to think of some really cleaver story for the verses. Then it hits me. What actually happened was better than anything I could create. I really wanted to write it for my Dad and his sister Ann. It flowed pretty well after I used the real story.

I think this message really grasps the great commandment and highlight love your neighbor. Reading this has really changed the way I think and act. I see an opportunity I act right then, cause I may not get another chance.
I pray when God is looking through the earth that he finds many hearts that our willing to serve right now.
I hope you enjoy this legacy and it has a positive effect in your life as well.