Lets face it. Life is just downright stressful these days. It is going a million miles an hour, and we get hit with one challenge after another. I get caught up in all of this sometimes, and end up worrying, and fretting and often miss the blessings, and promises of the day.
It was one of these days this song started flowing out of my mouth and the melody started coming. I could barely write fast enough. God really showed me what his Word says. Scripture is very clear on worry. Don't. Give it back to God. Think about it really what does worry accomplish anyway? He already has a plan even if we can't see it. I don't embrace troubles anymore. I give them to God and they pass me by. What a blessing to have a God that takes our troubles, and can turn them into Glory for himself for those that love him. No Matter What Tomorrow Brings. Thanks so much for this song Lord!


No Matter What Tomorrow Brings
Heidi McKee Copyright 2010
Romans 8:28 Luke 12:22-31
Vs1 I spent my life worrying, fretting
as lost moment passed my by.
Now I know you haves a plan and I