From the recording You Know My Name (Light)

The story of this song is really in the song. It is not hard to be amazed at how marvelous God is. For me its hard to grasp the fact that the Lord of Heaven and Earth has even a clue who I am or even cares. His Bible and love letter to us tells us over and over again. He certainly put action behind words as he gave up his life to demonstrate that love. I hope this song is as much of a blessing for you as it has been for me.
Praise God He Knows Your Name!!!!


You Knows My name
Heidi Mckee
Copyright 2010
Mathew 10:30 Luke 12:7 Psalms 72:18 Psalms 33

Verse 1 You are so marvelous. Its hard to describe.
Father, Son and Spirit glory divine.
You breathe the stars and galaxies,
but what really amazes me
Chorus a: You know my name. Every hair on my head.
You holds my tears in the palm of your hand
You know my name.

Verse 2 You rule the heavens. You rule this land.
Myriads of angels stand at your command.
You look from heaven down at mankind.
You formed this heart of mine.

Bridge: You breathe the stars and galaxies but what really amazes me