Welcome to Heidi McKee Music! 

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for stopping by and taking time to listen to this music full of hope, peace and joy.  Each song is a journey. They will leave you uplifted and maybe even resonate with experiences you have had.  I would love to hear about them if they do.  

I have been a singer songwriter for over 23 years.  Each album is full of songs that I have written from real life experiences and outcomes.  There is something for everyone here. 

I am currently working on my 4th CD "Touch of Paradise".  I am hoping to release a single in February 2023.  I am partnering with Multi Platinum songwriter Gary Loyd on this CD and it is really reaching new levels.  I cannot wait for you to hear it!  

A little about me;  I have lived in the North Georgia Mountains for 23 years.  Notice the time when I started writing songs.  Guess the music was out here waiting for me.   I have 3 adult children who are wonderful and always part of my music.  I do have a corporate job that I have been blessed to be in for over 30 years.  I love animals, hiking, reading, laughing, dancing and playing my guitar on my front porch watching hummingbirds.  I absolutely love the Lord and He has blessed me beyond measure.  That does not mean everything has been smooth sailing for me.  I have had had some life shattering and changing storms in the past years.  The blessing is in the midst of the storms, I have had peace, joy and seeing God's hand play out and the music is flowing.  May it flow into your hearts and bring you happiness.