Crazy Good Release! 

September 12 is the release date for Crazy Good album release. I am so excited for everyone to experience these songs. They will lift your heart and your soul. I have spent 3 years putting my heart and soul in them. What is Crazy Good? God is Crazy Good. The blessings and wonders we experience in our lives are so hard to describe. Crazy Good captures it all. Get ready! The songs and whole album will be available on ITunes, Amazon....(the digital retailers). September 12.

Crazy Good 

I have been working on my up coming cd for 3 years. I actually had all the songs written, but they did not capture the wonder of walking day to day with our Lord. I started all over. I spent the last few years developing an intimate relationship with the Lord. Actually walking with our creator. Wow! What a life changing experience I could not sing about a relationship with God unless I walked it. I still am in a great relationship with our Lord. It is an infinite journey. All I can say is having a…

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Starting the Year Out Great 

HI Our family has really been able to kick this 2011 off right. I have had an opportunity to play at Covenant Community Church in Ellijay Georgia and lead worship. All of us got the blessing the second weekend in January to share our music with Lifehouse Church as well I have a great story from Lifehouse. Those of you who know my music know one of the new ones "Hes Knows My Name". I had an opportunity to witness those words in action. In the middle of the service the Pastor said, "There is…

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Difference featured in SongWriters Monthly 

HI, I have very exciting news. Difference my cd was featured in SongWriters Montly July addition. Please take a peak and share with friends. Thanks Allen for being such a great writer.

New Blogs and Garage Band 

I've been busy trying to get the great messages from Differences out there for people to hear. Check out Garage Band. I have a couple of free downloads avaialable for a short time. I'm starting another Blog outside of my main site. Its called Heidi's Music Notes. Keep spreading the word and sharing the music so we can help the missions Kerring for Kenya and HERO.

Hatti and Kenya 

Thanks to all of those who purchased "Difference" cds! We were able to donate to Kerring for Kenya and the Hatti efforts to build an orphanage. Thanks to all of you and I pray the music blesses you as you have blessed others.

Featured in Song Writers Monthly I was featured in Song Writers Monthly sharing a Christmas memory. Please check out the link above. Thanks Song Writers Monthly and Serge Entertainment. Happy New Year Heidi


Looking back on 2009 God's faithfulness to his promises are overwhelming -My release of "Difference" cd -All of the performance opportunities he literally opened up for me. -The peace and abilities he gave me to complete those performances. -The amazing people he has placed in my path that have touched my life. -All of the stories of how the songs from my cd have helped them. -The donations I have been able to make to Kerring for Kenya. This prooves yet again his word never goes out void it…

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Grace Family International Church 

I was blessed today to be able to sing and worship with these wonderful men and woman of God. This is a church that loves God and his word. They praise Him and it was a true joy. If you are in Lawrenceville try this church you will find God there!

Radio Play 

Great news. Songs from "Difference" are being played on more radio stations than I can list. Sandy Serge has been really getting the word out there. May people get to know how wonderful God is as they listen to these songs.